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Very Important Parents


Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs we will ever have to perform, but overall it is the best job a person can ever be awarded. Yes, we don't get paid,we never get a vacation, we cannot just walk off of the job, and tell them to shove it!  Through all of this, we feel wonderful when our kids are successful, that means more to us than any raise or promotion.

TBLC was created not only for our kids, but for the parents who take their kids education personally.  Don’t feel bad if you cannot afford to get your son or daughter some over priced instruction hours at the popular learning centers or if you don’t trust your neighbor who says she was good in math back in college.


 We have brought in some of the Best Certified Teachers in the area to give your child one-on-one instruction at an affordable rate, so sign up and relax.

"The tutors at the Burke Learning Center have sufficient knowledge to assist students with the course materials. They communicate their knowledge to the students and use classroom assignments that contribute to student acquisition of required concepts and/or skills. The tutors encourage students to use concepts as a basis for developing skills in thinking, problem-solving, analysis, and drawing conclusions with the use of resource materials to amplify course materials. 

There is always a positive learning environment at the TBLC. 
The goals of the tutoring session are clearly explained to the students and positive attitudes are demonstrated toward the students."

N. Mills

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Building Self-Esteem & Positive Self-Image

1. You can make a huge difference in how your teen perceives him or herself by accepting and affirming him or her, fostering independence and autonomy, and helping to instill confidence.


2. Show your acceptance by being physically and emotionally available. Hug your child every day and regularly say, “I love you.” Do this privately if your child is older and uncomfortable with affection in front of friends.


3. Give your child your undivided attention when he wants to talk.


4. Do your best to attend activities or events, and schedule specific mealtimes, particularly if a busy work schedule or a family issue is cutting into the time you spend together.


5. Be emotionally present by allowing your teen to openly express feelings and then accept those feelings without judgment. Help her to process those feelings before offering your own perception. And use “I” statements to share your own feelings.

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