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We are determined to achieve the highest standards.

Who We Are

The Burke Learning Center was created by Kim L. Burke as an educational tool for children and their families.  Unlike other learning centers, we offer our families’ reasonable rates and monthly payment options without financing.  We know that raising a family can be expensive, but we also understand that as parents we want the best for our children and their education.  The Burke Learning Center is owned and operated by parents who care about the success of our children and their peers. We have been through the long homework sessions when you get so frustrated when your child is not performing to the best of their ability. 


Our Teacher Tutors will partner with your child’s teacher to ensure success, establishing a Parent, Teacher and Tutor network that is there to invest in your child’s education.


We are here to help you!  We will meet with you and your child to design a system that will work for them.  You will meet with your child’s Teacher Tutor along with a Center Director to map out a plan for your child educational journey.

Welcome to The Burke Learning Center, where our clients are your babies!  We have serviced thousands of students and families from Washington, DC to North Carolina since 2007, Kindergarten to College, even servicing some of our parents. Our programs have an incredibly unique component that makes it possible to work with any student, on any level, in any grade and in any subject. The Burke Learning Center is now proudly adding ANY STATE to that list. Due to COVID-19 and our commitment to keep our students, staff and community safe, much of our everyday lives are going virtual, including our services.

While living our NEW normal, The Burke Learning Center introduced BURKE ONLINE in March 2020 to assure that our students keep learning and working on their weak areas of studies.  BURKE ONLINE can be paired with your child’s VIRTUAL ACADEMY, homeschooling or as your primary professional tutoring service which is used as a supplemental learning source to help improve your child’s grades and CONFIDENCE.

As parents, YOU, WE have a million things on our plate- some old and a lot of new, so do not stress this online learning thing. We can help.  Let my amazing team of Certified Teachers be your link to the Virtual World of Education, this is what we do, and I promise you, we will all get through this. I have commitment the last 13 years of my life to help parents to bridge the gap between the classroom and their kitchen table, starting at my own table. I am excited about BURKE ONLINE, join us and discovery my amazing program, which was writing for parents, by parents to ease the stress of parents.


Same Burke, same remarkable results, we just added a new way to service your child.

Mrs. Kim L. Burke-Smith
CEO/Founder - Burke Learning Center

"My son has attended the Burke Learning Center (BLC)after-school tutoring program for the last three years. My wife and I have no complaints! BLC has experienced Wake County Public School teachers who are very talented and competent tutors in their individual subjects. The staff is very nice and cared for our son in wonderful ways. In addition, he has gained a lot of knowledge about himself and strengthened in his own ability to do the necessary classwork and not just settle for finishing assigned homework but has been pushed to go farther with extra assignments. We are very happy with BLC and look forward to him attending for his first year of high school this coming fall!"

B. Wade

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