"So impressed at the level of customer service provided by Kim and her team. Every parent feels like a VIP as well as the kids. My daughter changed schools and with the adjustment I wanted to be sure the transition was positive. With this partnership while new my daughters excitement and confidence about school has returned. Thank you Ms. Kim and our tutor Mr. Andy !!! You guys absolutely rock!"


T. Hayes

"The tutors at the Burke Learning Center have sufficient knowledge to assist students with the course materials. They communicate their knowledge to the students and use classroom assignments that contribute to student acquisition of required concepts and/or skills. The tutors encourage students to use concepts as a basis for developing skills in thinking, problem-solving, analysis, and drawing conclusions with the use of resource materials to amplify course materials. 

There is always a positive learning environment at the TBLC. 
The goals of the tutoring session are clearly explained to the students and positive attitudes are demonstrated toward the students."


N. Mills

"My son has attended the Burke Learning Center (BLC)after-school tutoring program for the last three years. My wife and I have no complaints! BLC has experienced Wake County Public School teachers who are very talented and competent tutors in their individual subjects. The staff is very nice and cared for our son in wonderful ways. In addition, he has gained a lot of knowledge about himself and strengthened in his own ability to do the necessary classwork and not just settle for finishing assigned homework but has been pushed to go farther with extra assignments. We are very happy with BLC and look forward to him attending for his first year of high school this coming fall!"


B. Wade

We are so thankful for The Burke Learning Center. Our daughter, 8th grade, was failing math. She had taken Pre-Algebra in 7th grade, passed the end of grade testing, and was assigned to Algebra 1 in 8th grade. We knew pretty much from the start of school that she did not know what she needed to continue on in math, and by the 20th day of school we received a letter giving us the opportunity to move her to 8th grade math. We chose to do that AND look for support. We did an online search of learning centers in our area, and Burke came up. We were not familiar with Burke; we were familiar with another popular center. We emailed Burke with some inquiries and also set up an appointment with the other center. Ms. Kim Burke was responsive, very helpful and kind. Also, without prompting she spoke of the center’s goals for their students and their methods. They were in line with what we were looking for. We chose to register with The Burke Learning Center.


 Less than one month with the center, we started seeing an improvement in our daughter’s grades. With the center’s help, she earned a B in math at the end of the first quarter. Now mid-way through the 2nd quarter she has an A in math. We’ve even heard our daughter give credit to Burke Learning Center to her friends for her success in math.


Our daughter’s teacher at the center is inviting and helpful. He is helping our daughter where she is at to build her up and strengthen her skills. We appreciate the teacher/student ratio and quietness of the center, the center’s pay schedule, and that you are not forced into a contract. The center is accommodating with tutoring times if you need to make some adjustments due to other activities/holidays. Ms. Burke is warm and encouraging. We would highly recommend The Burke Learning Center.


 The Perkins Family

I am student receiving tutoring for Geometry. In three months, my grade improved by three letter grades, causing me to successfully pass the class. My tutor is extremely knowledgeable in the area of Math. He makes me feel very comfortable and made what I was learning enjoyable so I could understand it. I recommend Burke Learning for any student who needs extra help in any subject.

J. Tyson

 A friend of ours informed my wife and myself of Burke Learning Center, and to be honest I was a little apprehensive since it was not a nationally known franchise like Sylvan. However, after meeting with Mrs. Kim Burke and listening to her in-depth presentation and explanation of the program we decided to give it a try.

After two sessions the results were observable not only in the classroom but also at home! The hands-on and one-on-one tutoring gave our son not only the foundation he needed to succeed, but also the confidence to perform at optimum level His comprehension of math exploded and his test scores improved astronomically. My son’s tutor simplified the discipline of math for our son and boosted self-assurance in his weakest subject.

Jeffery & Kathy Robinson

Many thanks to the staff of the Burke Learning Center.  You have been a great help in building the confidence and self-esteem of our daughter when faced with those challenging subjects like math and biology.   "The professionalism and customer service you provide are beyond reproach and second to none".   Thank you for your support and partnership.   


Keith and Tondalaya McMillan

My middle school son was struggling to stay ahead and it is so important to be successful in middle school because these teachers determine each student's high school curriculum courses based on their eight grade performance. WHAT A GREAT TIME TO FIND THE BURKE LEARNING CENTER! Kim has done a great job of matching the personalities of my son and his tutors;  the staff started out getting my son's attention and respect because they took the time to do a get-to-know-each-other discussion at the very beginning of their first sessions. TBLS team helped to determine my son needed better organization of his binder immediately, and she helped him with some different specific study habits. They helped him organize for and research a major project that inspired my son to put extra work into, which resulted in a Major grade that improved his semester grade significantly. His lead tutor researched the material and had practice problems for the Math session, and they helped my son to get caught up and then move ahead with the textbook homework, so he was ahead of the curriculum. It has been a blessing for our whole family to see my son's improved success and confidence because of the individual tutoring he is receiving at The Burke Learning Center. THANK YOU!!!

Angela Loflin

I love the Burke Learning Center! My daughter has made significant improvement and she is gaining more confidence. The staff is awesome, and the environment is fantastic! My daughter is always eager to attend her sessions.

Ms. McCoy

We have been very pleased with The Burke Learning Center, Maia and her tutor  work well together. She has helped Maia build confidence within herself, been able to target her areas of weakness and work on them.  The fact that she has been able to attend our parent teacher conferences(3) is a plus that we didn't expect but is very much appreciated.  I think her experience as a teacher and the fact that she teaches older children is a positive factor for the Burke center.  I am very happy Maia had The Burke Learning Center at such a critical time in her school year.



Nicole Massoud

My Daughter is now on A/B Honor Roll!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your support of our family.  Your business is a blessing to us.   Thank you so MUCH!!!!!


You guys may have my kids for life.  They were so excited this evening when I picked them up.  Get this, they THANKED me for bringing them!  You and your staff ROCK!!  My children even told me that they didn't mind coming in on Saturday morning to receive their tutoring sessions.  I'll see you on Saturday.


Lisa Parent of 3 in Raleigh

The Burke Learning Center has been a true godsend for our family! Once the dreaded years of middle school entered our life, homework had become a frustrating time that would last for hours into the night. We couldn't offer the support our daughter needed and turned to Burke for help.


What a tremendous turnaround! Our child really did go from D's to A's!


The awesome staff at Burke acts as an intermediary between parents and teachers. They are happy to attend parent-teacher conferences, regularly check SPAN, keep up with homework assignments and projects, communicate with teachers and at the end of every session, wrap up the day nicely with a neat little to-do list.  Burke is less expensive than other, more well-known facilities, but their services are just as valuable.

J. Newmeyer

Thank you TBLC for going above and beyond to help our son work toward academic success.  He was at risk of repeating a grade but with your support, he was promoted to the next grade level for the 2010-2011 school year.  He has received positive feedback from the school staff for his improved academic performance.  His teacher even said to us during the first parent-teacher conference to 'keep doing what we are doing' because it is working.  We are so glad that we chose you to help our son and we look forward to continuing to work with you. 




Larry and TaNisha McClain 

My child had a very difficult transition into his charter school.  His interest in his education and his grades dropped immediately from his experience. I call around and no one talked about HIS NEEDs.  I called The Burke Learning Center and reached Cary location.  After 3 minutes with Ms. Kim listening to me cry about my child's experience and his drastic decline, she waist no time identifying the problem and quickly developed a strategy in what WE were going to do, to get my baby's learning skills, attention and self-esteem back on track about education.  Ms. Kim and her team waited after business hours for me and my child to arrived.  Ms. Kim and her team repeatedly used 2 POWER PHRASE every parent need to hear about education:  MY BABIES NEED TO GET IT and WE ARE GOING TO WORK EVERY ANGLE UNTIL THIS BABY  GET IT and GET IT RIGHT WITH UNDERSTANDING!

Now, my child's focus is his readiness to pass his EOGs.  Ms. Kim and her team, " The Burke Learning Center",  is SOoo amazing.  Where would we be without The Burke Learning Center "From F to A's".

Wanda and Joey