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Does Your Child Need a Tutor?


If your child is having difficulty keeping up with homework assignments and studying, talk with the teacher first. Work with the teacher to find possible solutions. If the problems continue, let us work with your child, sometimes children will work harder for a tutor than for parents. Our Teacher Tutors meet with your child’s teacher to get information needed to best help your child reach his/her educational goals.  Our goal is to create a support network just for your child, this is a sure way to build their self-confidence, while restoring their passion for learning.




BURKE Online

Face to face tutoring sessions work, that we know. The Burke Learning Centers were built on this very fact. However, since COVID-19, we are faced with a new way of doing things. A new way of living. A new way of implementing our program. A new way to educate our students during the quarantine by connecting them with our BURKE teachers and educational professionals. With that, we have created BURKE ONLINE.  

BURKE ONLINE is, simply put, The Burke Learning Center on-line. We have discovered a way to host face to face sessions, partnering key points of our tutoring program with the perks of being a BURKE STUDENT, which can be used to motivate our young people to be better students once school is back in session. BURKE ONLINE sessions can be used, as your child’s tutoring program to help with weak areas of studies, a teacher for your child’s online classes until we return to the classroom full-time or an administrative for your child’s homeschooling program.

BURKE ONLINE will change the way parents think about on-line tutoring and the cost related to this NEW WAY of living...for now.

The Burke Learning Center is not just a tutoring company; we are an organization who believes in investing in our young people and this is the perfect time to do just that! 

Schools may be out, but we will keep our young people learning!

·Days:  Monday-Friday

·Hours:  4:00pm-7:00pm

·Grade:  2nd – College

·Subjects: ALL


Summer Enrichment Program

After a long, hectic school year, every student deserves a little downtime during the summer months. However, it is important for your child to continue to work on the trouble areas. As parents, finding safe, educational and affordable summer activities for our children can be frustrating - particularly when the child is ready to slam the textbooks shut for summer or track out.  Our program is designed to combine fun, technology, humor and LEARNING. Your students will not see the lessons coming!


$25.00 Sessions

Monday-Thursday * 4:00am-6:00pm * All Centers * Grades 1-8 * Year Around

Many families are tightening their wallets, we don't want our kid's educational support to suffer. Let us  make learning MORE AFFORDABLE!  The same great program, same experienced team of professionals, and the same level of commitment will be offered to you and your child to help them in their trouble areas.

Contact your local Center Manager for the $25.00 Sessions times and dates. The schedule will be assigned by the center manager, taking your desired schedule in to consideration.



Homework Sessions

Monday-Friday * 4:00pm-6:00pm * Raleigh Center* Grades 1-12 * Year around
We understand that homework success begins within. Identifying and strengthening basic cognitive weaknesses can lead to dramatic changes in both homework success and attitude.  We invite you to join our Homework Sessions, where our Teacher Tutors are there to walk your child through his/her studies while building confidence and adding to their learning foundation to make them stronger in their classroom settings.


Drop off children after school and our tutors will help them with their homework & studying.

Face to Face (in center tutoring)

Most students lose about two months of grade-level equivalency in computation skills over the summer months, according to data from the National Summer Learning Association, so imagine how much information our young people have lost during this quarantine.  Our team will give your student the confidence, tools, and resources to get to return to school, better than ever.

We have always been here to help your children reach their educational goals.  Our company-wide goal is to bridge the gap between what is going on in your child's classroom and what is going on at home.  We want to give your child the tools to work through their challenges and become that proud student we know they can be. 
Rates: $200.00 - $400.00 per month
Days: Monday - Saturday

Times: M-F 4:00pm-7:00pm/Sat 10:00am - 2:00pm

Grades: k-College

Subjects: All subjects are covered


*Due to COVID-19 spaces are very limited.

*All students and teachers MUST wear mask in the centers.
Our experienced team of professionals will work closely with you and your child's classroom teach to prepare for the upcoming EOG/EOC's. We can schedule sessions to fit your lifestyle and budget.